Richard Gauld

Richard Gauld has been part of the UK wind industry since 1987, and has unparalleled experience in renewable energy. Projects include technical support on the original Orkney prototype large scale wind turbines, design and commissioning of the first UK-built windfarms and monitoring of the first UK offshore wind turbine at Blyth. Richard is a Member of the Institute of Measurement and Control, and is registered as an Engineer with the Engineering Council; Richard has a hands-on approach, and has worked across Europe on a range of projects with the internationally respected consultancy firm Garrad Hassan and Partners. Richard established Orkney Sustainable Energy Ltd. in 1995, and is the designer of almost all the Orkney wind projects. Successful renewable energy developments have been completed throughout Scotland and the British Isles, and roles include Wind Energy Planning, Environmental Assessment, Strain Measurement and Site Management. Richard is an Honours Science Graduate, and qualifications include Earth Sciences, Environment, Design, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.